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Mindful Movement Pilates Training

Mindful Movement Pilates Training

Mindful movement offerings and rates

Pilates Classes


Semi-Private Sessions “Duets” 

(2 clients per session)
1 session…$55 per client
Monthly pre-paid...$50 per client per session

Small Group Sessions

(3-4 clients per session)
1 session…$45 per client
Monthly pre-paid...$40 per client per session

Pilates Private Sessions


1 session……$85
Monthly pre-paid…………$80 per session

New Client Introductory Private Special
3 sessions………$225 

General Policy:

All prepaid private, duet, and group sessions expire in 3 months.

All sessions are 55 minutes and by appointment only, with a 

24-hour cancellation policy

Teacher Trainings


We are proud to work with extraordinary teachers and coaches who offer special courses and events at our studio from time-to-time. 

Watch this space 

(and our Facebook page

for updates.

What's in it for you?

As a Master Pilates Trainer, Certified by the Pilates Method Alliance, I lead fitness, conditioning, injury recover & prevention, and personal training sessions, based on the principles developed by fitness pioneer Joseph H. Pilates, which includes exercises performed on a mat and on specialized equipment and props.

What can Pilates do for you?

*Builds strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, endurance, concentration, fluidity, control, centering, precision, and cardio-vascular stamina.

*Produces long, lean, supple muscles, which helps prevent injury and tension. 

*Improves focus and energy stores by integrating the mind and body through deep breathing and correct movement, reducing stress, strain, and fatigue.

*Concentrates on the “core” muscles (abdomen, pelvis, and back) which help restore good posture and promotes efficient and functional movement mechanics.


*Benefits ALL fitness levels and body types.

Certified Pilates instruction is key to a vital and vibrant lifestyle.
Certified Pilates instruction is key to a vital and vibrant lifestyle.